Speeding Tickets, Traffic and Civil Infractions in Kitsap County

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Most of the time a Speeding Ticket or other Traffic Violation is not a criminal matter.  These traffic infractions can be costly but do not inherently include punishment by jail time.  In many cases, individuals can take care of these matters with little or no help from a traffic attorney; however, if you want to contest a Speeding Ticket or other Traffic Violation, a traffic attorney can help you navigate the process.

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Traffic Infractions: Speeding Tickets and other Traffic Citations

Contest a speeding ticket, civil infraction, traffic infraction, or E-DU, in Kitsap County. Image of a man driving.Traffic Infractions pertain to both motor vehicles and pedestrians.  Speeding tickets, citations for illegal lane changes, and jaywalking are examples of Traffic Infractions in Washington State.  Most of the time, a Traffic Infraction that results in a Speeding ticket or other traffic citation can be settled by paying the assessed fee to the court listed on the ticket.  This may be a local, municipal court such as Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo, Bremerton or Port Orchard.  This may also be the Kitsap County District Court located in Port Orchard.   You may also ask for a mitigation hearing with the hope of having the penalty reduced.

Contest or Fight a Speeding Ticket or other Traffic Citation

Individuals can request a Contested Hearing from the court if they wish to challenge or fight a speeding ticket or other traffic citation.

Consult with a Local Traffic Lawyer who can help you Fight a Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets and other traffic citations may not be a crime, but they can be very expensive and have other consequence such as increased insurance rates or loss of your driver’s license under certain circumstances.  If you want to contest or fight a speeding ticket or other traffic citation, a traffic lawyer can help you contest a ticket.  Call our office today at 360.204.5954 to schedule a free consultation with a traffic lawyer who can help you.

Non-Traffic Civil Infractions

What are non-traffic civil infractions?

Non-traffic infractions may include, but are not limited to, building or fire code violations, licensing violations, noise ordinance violations and animal leash ordinance violations.  While local municipal courts or the district court may have jurisdiction over matters that are civil infractions, in some cases another government agency may have authority over the matter.

Contesting a Non-Traffic Infraction

If you have been cited for a Non-Traffic infraction and want to contest the citation, you can request a mitigation hearing or a contested hearing for your case.  If you choose to fight the citation, an attorney at Kitsap Criminal Defense can help you through that process.  Call our office at 360.204.5954 to schedule a consultation with an attorney.